why are memorials arranged!
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memorial birmingham is a ceremony arranged by the people living in Birmingham in order to honor the dead person. The one who is dead can be a close family member or a very good friend. Invitation is given out to a lot of people who are related to the dead one and even those who are acquaintance come along to raise hands in the prayer. The event is held only to make the family of the dead person feel better and to console them for their loss.

Reasons for arranging a memorial Birmingham:

· To honor the dead:

It is held to honor the dead. To deliver the feeling of closeness or to show how important the dead person was that everyone is gathered here to honor him. It shows that the person had a good character and was loved by a lot of people.

· To console the family members:

The death of a loved one is a horrible thing. In such situation the family members of the dead one are going through tough time. It is hard for them to stabilize themselves and accept the loss of their loved one. The headstones solihull that can normally be found at a memorial tend to be crafted by stone masons birmingham

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